About VXM01

VXM01 is an oral vaccine in development for the treatment of cancer. VXM01 is unique in that it is designed to stimulate the patients' own immune system to fight the tumor vasculature, which is essential for tumors to grow beyond microscopic size. Since tumor vasculature is common to most solid cancers (e.g. lung cancer, colon cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, etc.), VXM01 is expected to show broad spectrum anti-cancer activity.

VXM01 has shown impressive anti-tumor activity in various animal studies testing different tumor types, different experimental setups, and different outcome measures. At the same time, the vaccine was remarkably well tolerated in these animals.

VXM01 has started human clinical trials in December 2011. The study is enrolling pancreatic cancer patients and is conducted at the University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany.